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Home Page for CursilloSTL


to the official website of the

St. Louis, MO, Cursillo community.

In short, Cursillo is an international Catholic movement recognized by the Catholic Church which has subsequently spread to several other Christian denominations. Cursillo weekends are held multiple times a year in St. Louis. The schedule for weekends can be found on our Events page.

Do you want to know more about Cursillo and possibly experience the Cursillo weekend? You’ve come to the right place for information.

A Cursillo Weekend is three days long and prepares you to discover God’s plan for your life. Cursillo weekends are not retreats in the traditional sense. While Christian catechetical information is shared on the weekend, it is not a course in Christian theology, Church dogma, or scripture study.

Do you wonder how your unique gifts can better serve the Glory of God’s creation? First, discover who you are and examine the priorities you have held over the years. Recognize how Jesus Christ has always been present in your life through every experience you’ve had. Encounter Jesus on a Cursillo weekend in a new way. Enter the Christian Community with a keen sense of your mission and a passion to deepen your faith in service to others. (For more information click here.)

Visit the National Cursillo Website for current and in depth information (click here)

To stay up to date with Cursillo, read the monthly newsletter from the National Cursillo office (click here)

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